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 ‘People powered development’ describes what BACDA-NRW Germany has in mind: We wish partner with national and international NGO’s help the Bakossi man and woman gain power over their lives and overcome the barriers that keep them poor. And it describes the way we do it: we bring people together (our committee chair persons) help poor and marginalised communities stand for themselves.

We believe poor and marginalised people of Bakossi land can shape their own lives and transform their world. Despite the many barriers that keep them in poverty, ‘poor people’ are often rich culturally and socially, and have the resilience and resourcefulness to be the authors of their own development. That’s people power.

Our role is to support them. That’s why we are trying to develop long-term relationships with local organisations and community groups in the Bakossi land while seeking support from international organisation and funding agencies. Working together in this way will help thousands of people in poor communities transform their lives. That’s people powered development.

But we also know that poverty is about power. People are impoverished because of their lack of choices, opportunities, or influence: their lack of power.

So our target  will be to work with groups of people who are poor and marginalised to change the structures that keep them in poverty. We will empower them with advocacy and campaigning skills so that they can stand up for their rights. Poor people empowered to transform their lives: that’s people powered development.

For more information on how we can help fund one of your community project, please do well to contact the chairperson for the committee of your interest or concern.

We have supported a pipe born water project. Muebah Water Project

A full text about the projects is made available by clicking the link above.

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